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March 27, 2023
Debonie Thompson

Agent learns value of AAA

I haven’t always been a AAA member.
It wasn’t until I got married that I became a member, adding my name onto my wife’s membership.
Well, I can honestly say the value provided by the membership has been well worth it, both in terms of roadside assistance and various discounts.
One year, a car got stuck in the mud after a hard rain and I had to call AAA. I told them the situation over the phone, and they arrived with the cables they needed to tug the car loose.
Another time, I had dropped my daughter off at preschool and my car would not start. I called AAA, and they towed my car to a nearby shop to be repaired. In both instances, had I not been a AAA member, I’m certain that the cost of those separate occurrences would have equaled or exceeded the price of a 1-year membership.
With up to four service calls a year per member, there is peace of mind in case of an unexpected event. And when you do need to use the roadside assistance of your membership, another advantage is that it is completely separate from your auto insurance.
Speaking of auto insurance, another perk of the AAA membership is that if you have your home and auto insurance through AAA, the membership gives an added discount on both policies.
Are you a AAA member? Maybe you were once and would like to start it back again.
We can help you start a new AAA membership, and also see what you could save with auto/ home/renters insurance through AAA. Give us a call at 270-651-2194 and let us tell you about the benefits of a AAA membership.

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